Letter From our President on 2020-2021 Season

MatCats friends and family,

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming wrestling season and thank you for your patience while we figure out what steps our club can do to complete our season. As we navigate though the offseason, we are discovering a few obstacles hindering our year. We are diligently working through those obstacles in hopes to start our season sooner than later.
First, we will be opening up registration to gauge the turnout for the year. I have included the link at the bottom of the page. We encourage you to get registered as soon as possible, that way we can ensure that we will have a practice facility that will be able to accommodate our team. We are at the mercy of the SD School Board on them allowing us into the schools. We are working with a few local businesses and churches to secure a practice facility. If anyone has any input on potential landing spots, please feel free to contact any of the board members.
Second, with Covid-19, we will be taking and following precautions that other clubs have adopted and have been successful in keeping everyone safe. We will have all items for safety outlined and posted in the near future and will discuss them at length during the registration meetings.
Our goal is to run a safe and full season. We appreciate your flexibility with the changes that will be happening this year and potentially during the year as well. We are very optimistic that the year will start and end with very few hiccups.

Preston Plautz